Symposium: A two-way translational approach to deliver sexual health promotion in NSW by the STIGMA Group

Date: Thursday, 31 March 2016
Time: 11.15 am – 1.00 pm
Location: Seminar Room 2
Chair: Brent Mackie & Limin Mao
Speaker(s): Mark Ferson, Denton Callander, David Templeton, James Gray, Jeffrey Dabbhadataa, Shih-Chi Kao,

Objective: To identify and investigate innovative approaches that are not only informed by research evidence and surveillance data but also benefit from community expertise to deliver effective sexual health promotion programs in NSW.

Background: Despite the reasonably stable trends in HIV notifications nationally and in NSW, other sexually transmissible infections (STIs) continue to increase markedly. In NSW, the STI in Gay Men Action (STIGMA) group was established as an interagency to identity priorities for action and to further design strategies and implement programs to respond to the STI epidemic in NSW.

This symposium will showcase a number of initiatives, both developed and implemented by STIGMA, where policy changes, research updates and program deliveries have been constantly guided by each other.

• The first speaker is Prof Mark Ferson (SESLHD). He will provide insights on characteristics of highly clustered STI notifications and corresponding public health strategies.

• The second speaker is Dr Denton Callander (Kirby). He will focus on how real-time decision making can both drive and be driven by surveillance data collection.

• The third speaker is A/Prof David Templeton (RPA Sexual Health). He will summarise the STIGMA guideline update and the evidence behind these key changes.

• The fourth speaker will be Mr James Gray (ACON). He will present a case study on the latest STI testing and condom promotion campaign which contains group-targeted messaging at specific social media channels.

• The fifth speaker is Mr Jeffrey Dabbhadataa (SESLHD) with a second case study of the design, implementation and evaluation of the multi-component Clinician Communication Project.

• The final speaker is Dr Shih-Chi Kao (SLHD). He will illustrate how perceptions from both gay men and clinicians on being a gay friendly clinician have informed the ‘Gay Friendly GP’ initiative.

Expected outcomes: This symposium is most suitable for interested stakeholders as well as researchers to discuss innovative approaches to combine research evidence, surveillance data with community expertise and resources to best inform policy and practice.